Take the Stress out of Travel with Instasteam + Win A Set For Your Next Trip

Instasteam Review

Traveling is one of the best things you can do, even if it’s for work. It not only helps you find and explore new places but it helps open up your mind to new ideas and different cultures. But traveling can cause new problems you may not have to worry about when you’re at home. Like how do you make sure your business or special occasion clothing doesn’t get wrinkled or show folding lines in them when you need to go out?

Instasteam Review

The reality is, even when we’re at home we don’t like to iron. And when you’re at a hotel, using their iron can work but do you really have the time? You could pack a travel iron, but with the cost of luggage and the amount of space you have in your luggage – you don’t want to actually want to travel with an iron or steamer. And sending it down to be laundered or paying the hotel to take care of your clothing can be extremely expensive. What alternative is there?

We were sent an Instasteam Pod system to try out, and test before our next big trip. The system lets you steam any piece of clothing without the need for electricity or any other appliances. And inside the starter pack you’ll have everything you need to get started. The starter kit has the Instasteam Heating Pods and a garment bag that is easy to use, roll up and pack in your bag.

Instasteam Review

The heating pods are so easy to use, you tear off the top and fill it to the water line. Within a minute you’ll hear some popping and hear some bubbling before the steam starts to come out of the package. Once it starts going, you can put the steam packet in the base of the garment bag. It’s the chemical reaction in this pod and heat that will create the steam that will steam your clothing to perfection.

After that, you can just zip up the garment bag and let the steaming take place. For the best results you can leave your clothes in the bag for an hour, they will get warm during the process but you will pull them out wrinkle free without the effort needed to iron.

Instasteam Review

The Instasteam system is so easy to use and to pack in your bag without taking up a lot of space or adding weight to your luggage. If you’re traveling and have a special occasion you want to look your best, simply get your items hung up and steaming when you get there and they will be ready when you head out to the event.

Do you travel a lot or need a better solution other than ironing? We’re giving away an Instasteam Starter Kit to one of our readers. Read how you can win one below!

How Can You Win?

Tell us the biggest struggle you have traveling and why you think Instasteam may be able to help you out!


  1. I have to go to training for 2 weeks and my uniform shirts are constantly wrinkled. This would help so I would not have to iron.


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