Take Politics in Your Own Hands with Vote Her In

vote her in Review

vote her in Review

There’s no denying that politics are being talked about more than ever. From constantly being talked about on the news, to around the dinner table. Politics are more part of the public discussion than ever, and younger generations are getting involved in politics and being mobilized more than ever before. And now, with a handy book you can get inspired to get involved at a deeper level than before, taking the most important issues to you to heart.

vote her in ReviewWomen are wildly underrepresented at every level of the US government: federal, state, and local. Research has shown that women in executive government positions are far more likely than men to commit to policies that benefit women, girls, and other marginalized groups, so after centuries of under representation, it’s clear: our best bet for creating a system that is more fair, balanced, and just for everyone is electing our first Madam President—as soon as we can.

Vote Her In is organized around the inspirational messages seen on protest signs carried at the record-breaking 2017 Chicago Women’s March. Part One outlines the case for why we need to mobilize now, and Part Two provides a clear strategy for how to do it. Each chapter in Part Two includes an action plan that women can complete to help each other (or themselves) attain political power and work toward electing our first woman president.

The book helps mobilize you at the deepest level, and helps set you you on your own political path and get motivated. With the political landscape constantly changing, Vote Her In may be the fire you need to ignite you on your path in the political world. Not directed at one party or the other, the book inspires you to think about what is most important to you when you’re voting next.

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