Take High Quality Sound on the Go with a Bose SoundLink Color Speaker

bose soundlink color review

bose soundlink color review

When I’m on the go, I like to take my music with me. I’m not a fan of sitting in a quiet room and working (even when I work in a library), I always like to have music at my fingertips. Since our phones have replaced media devices, having something with great sound quality is key. We could rely on the speakers on the phone, but the sound isn’t always the best or as rich as we’d like.

bose soundlink color reviewWe were sent a Bose SoundLink Color Speaker to try out and use with our phone or tablets. The Bose SoundLink Color connects with our devices with Bluetooth, and really set up was as easy as turning it on, selecting the language and it instantly went into pairing mode. Once I selected the device, it was as easy as playing my favorite movies, music or pod casts. The SoundLink Color filled the area with sound that was layered and rich. It has the sound quality you would expect from a much larger Bose sound system, but in a very compact package.

bose soundlink color reviewThe SoundLink Speaker is only 2 inches thick and measures about 5″ x 5″. That means you can toss it into your work bag, you beach bag, your suit case or even your purse. I’ve found that mine does get a little beat up by the extra items in my purse. Nothing major of course that will stop the unit from working properly, but they actually sell a case to prevent damage while traveling on the go to your device. Like most devices, the SoundLink Color charges off of a micro-USB and has an Aux IN spot to connect it to other devices.

With traveling become more and more of our lives, having the SoundLink speaker in my bag makes my work site, wherever it is in the world, that much more pleasant.

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