freaking out journal

Take Control of Everything with Your Own Freak Out Journal

freaking out journal
Stress – it’s a normal part of life. Between our fast-paced lifestyle, work, home and everything else – we all tend to freak out from now and then. But it’s really how you handle the stress from day to day that makes it bearable.
We all freak out from time to time, I’d dare to say it’s even healthy. Most of the time to take stress out of the equation, I like to make lists and work out what is really stressing me out. The holiday season is known for the stress that comes with it and gives us all several reasons to freak out – but it is completely manageable with your own Freak Out Notebook.

freaking out journalThe Freak Out Notebook can be used for those especially stressful situations and occasions, or what I love to use it for is a daily planner. Make those daily to do lists next to quotes that are all about stressing out, freaking out and how to deal with it. Not all of the quotes are exactly helpful but can help with a bit of levity in a particularly stressful situation.

While the Freak Out Notebook isn’t for everyone, it is definitely a great gift for those busy friends and family members and one to keep in mind. Don’t forget to make note of your stress levels at the bottom so you can track your stress level from a hot kettle to an atomic explosion. The notebook itself will make you laugh and help get you back on track during an particularly rough day.

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