Take an Art Tour in Detroit for Under a Dollar #visitDetroit

People Mover Detroit Art Tour

It’s hard to find an affordable thing to do with the family, and sometimes it’s hard to find something they all like doing. But in the heart of Detroit there is one thing that little kids love, and you can do any time of day, for only 75 cents a person. That’s right – we’re talking about riding the People Mover.

While the People Mover primarily is used to get people to and from their jobs or to sporting events. Along the ride there are hidden gems that most riders walk past without noticing. So hop on the People Mover and get ready for an art tour that will cost each rider under a dollar each.

People Mover Detroit Art Tour
People Mover Artwork at Cobo Hall

Almost every stop along the People Mover has art work in the station. Some installations are from the historic Pewabic Pottery, others are statues from local artists and others are works of art that will take your breath away.

How do you find the artwork? At each stop, be sure to get off the train. Don’t worry, the next one will be around in a few minutes. While you wait walk through the station and check out the artwork around you. The key is to not walk past the turnstyle again. Yes, for each ride as long as you don’t cross the exit barrier you can hop on and off and explore each station.

Find nods to the motor city, art at Cranbrook and some of the masters of Pewabic Pottery. The total ride, with getting off at each stop will be under an hour depending on how much you explore. Take the time to document your journey or make it an art hunt for younger artists.

Find out where in each station the artwork is and more about the artists here.


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