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roto-rooter reviewHome ownership comes with its challenges. And shortly after we moved into this house, our kitchen sink started leaking into the basement any time we did dishes. This was right after we installed a dishwasher, but even running that lead to flooding into the storage area. Not being able to fix the problem with the products we found at the store, we started to look for a plumber. Being new to the area, we didn’t have one we knew or trusted, but the first thing I told my boyfriend to do was call Roto-Rooter. It was a name I was familiar with, and while Roto-Rooter is a national brand, they have service people locally (and throughout pretty much every major city). He was able to call from their website and not only find a local plumber but also some useful tips.

roto-rooter reviewRoto-Rooter provides both commercial and residential plumbing services throughout the nation. They not only can fix the toughest clogs, but help you weatherize your plumbing and stop leaks. At select stores you can even find Roto-Rooter Gel Clog Remover on the shelves, that has a money back guarantee. Roto-Rooter sent us a bottle to keep on hand for the smaller clogs – which happens in my tub a couple times a year from my hair of course (more about that later)

When Roto-Rooter sent their plumber to our house, not only was he able to not only diagnose the cause of the flooding, but fix it as well. We found out that the clog was deep in the plumbing, and probably built up over the decades – meaning no over the counter treatment would have broken it up. They had to bring out an industrial snake system and run it through our lines to break up this clog. It has been over two years since we had the plumbing issue fixed and we haven’t had an issue with the sink or any leaking since.

There are times that the plumbing issues are ones you can handle yourself, and thankfully Roto-Rooter products make it so you don’t have to call a professional. Roto-Rooter Products give you the power of a plumber without having to call someone to your home. It’s a simple process to clear the clogs and blockages in your sinks and pipes throughout the house. The gel clog remover simply is poured down your drain, and let it do it’s job. Flush with warm water and the clog will be gone. Sometimes it will take a couple runs through the system, but it’s going to be a life saver for the bathroom sink that always seems to run slow. And don’t forget the money back guarantee if it doesn’t fix your clog!

Find out more about Roto-Rooter Products and how you can use them at home!


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