240 sweet review

Survive the Harsh Cold with Homemade Marshallows and Cocoa from 240 Sweet

240 sweet reviewThis is the time of winter I just want to lock in and not even go outside. The weather is frigid, and heck – I live in apparently the second worst state for winters. It’s about this time of year the windchill gets to me, and I’m sick of winter. One of the only things that helps me through the worst of winter is a warm cup of cocoa – and homemade is better than anything you will ever find in a packet off the store shelf.

240 sweet reviewIn the past, I reviewed the handmade Marshmallows from 240 Sweet. Made locally in the Midwest marshmallows are made with whole ingredients and never fillers. This year they sent me not only two flavors of their homemade marshmallows – Sugar Cookie and Brown Sugar Bourbon, but a package of their Decadent Drinking Chocolate Mix. The hot chocolate is unlike any type you’ve had before, and will have you putting another pan of milk on the stove top in no time.

I’ve always been a fan of marshmallows, either the holiday ones we’d get at Easter or the giant puff ones right out of the bag. But the ones from 240 Sweet is a step above the rest. With rich flavors infused into the marshmallows, they’re perfect for making your own desserts with them or just snacking on them alone. I paired the hot chocolate mix -the perfect blend of cocoa, chocolate chunks, and spices with the sugar cookie marshmallows for a rich and decadent treat.

The only problem I have with the cocoa mix was that we ran out of milk. But the blend was the perfect mixture of sweet and creamy, and the marshmallows were the cherry on top. I have a feeling the chocolate mix wont last long around here with the cold days in our forecast. But it’s worth snuggling up with the warm mug and forgetting about the cold that’s just outside my office.

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