Surround Yourself in Beauty, Play and Relax at the Chetola Resort

Chetola Resort

Every vacation destination is unique, but one that offers you more than you expect is one that will have you coming back again and again. From a private sporting reserve, spa services, delicious food and comfortable rooms – the Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina will quickly become one of your favorite places to not only stay, but play while you’re in the area.

Located right off of Main Street, Chetola is nestled back off of a winding road and in the middle of beautiful nature reserve. With resident swans, deer that walk calmly through the property and a small pond that you can fish nature surrounds you on your stay.

Chetola does offer basic amenities you would expect at other properties like breakfast and a pool, but they also offer a full business center, kids camp, and so much more. Your stay at the Chetola Resort is one that you will not quickly forget.

Beautiful Rooms to Relax and Retreat In

The Chetola Resort has over forty different rooms in their main building. The property is currently undergoing an update and the main level is completely completed with rooms that are inspired by the nature surrounding the resort. The second and third level of the property offer guests comfortable rooms that are in the older style – and will be updated like the first level soon.

From areas to work in, balconies over looking the pond on the property and even a stuffed bear that can be purchased if your kids forgot one – your room will become your home away from home. Your room will even include a small wet bar, microwave and mini-refrigerator so you can bring left overs from the on site restaurant or treats you find along the way.

The standard guest rooms in the Lodge are only part of what Chetola offers guests. You can also book one of of the rooms at the Bob Timberlake’s Inn – a small bed and breakfast on the property that not only offers eight unique rooms but access to private sitting areas and a fridge fully stocked with ice cream 24/7.

If you are are traveling with more than four guests, Chetola does also offer their Condominiums on the property that you can rent. These properties are privately owned but are available on certain dates for rentals and access to the Chetola property.

Get Pampered at the on Site Spa

Just around the corner from the pool is the Chetola Spa, offering a wide range of services. From the very basic manicure and pedicure, to a hair salon and even full massages and facials.

Visiting the spa you pass the pool that may be filled with loud kids playing, but once you close the door behind you, you enter a space of tranquility. Offering guests a quiet room for reflection, private locker rooms and even warm herbal teas as you wait – your time to relax begins before you even enter your room for your appointment.With trained masseuse that have worked at the Spa for years, be ready to be massaged into putty and pampered while you are there.

Learn and Play at the Private Sporting Reserve

If you’re looking to relax in a different way, or want to try something new, Chetola offers access to their private Sporting Reserve. From learning how to shoot clay discs, archery, fly fishing and more, the Sporting Reserve offers guests an experience unlike any other.

For more information on getting started with fly fishing we’ve partnered with to help you learn the basics.

A short drive from the actual Resort property, the Chetola Sporting Reserve was created on 67 acres and offers guests a variety of services. The reserve includes Blue Ridge Mountain Club ATV trails, abundant wildlife, catch-and-release fishing and miles of untouched forest.

Interested in learning more about gun safety, or how to shoot a rifle? Or want to know how you can become a better fly fisherman? Just ask at the front desk and they will be able to set you up with the classes you need. Don’t worry about bringing your gear to the resort, they will have items for you to use and you can learn how to perfect the techniques you want in short sessions or over multiple days of your stay.

Find out more about the classes and specials happening at the Chetola Sporting Range.

Enjoy First Class Dining at Timberlake’s Restaurant

While every resort has a restaurant on the property, it’s often because you don’t have easy accessibility to other options. Within a short drive from Chetola there several options you could dine at. But you’re going to want to stay on the property and try the options at Timberlake’s or inside the pub style bar. From burgers, steaks, fried green tomatoes and a killer key lime tart that you will dream about, their menu will not disappoint.

Timberlake’s is decorated like a lodge and sticks with the theme of the rest of the resort. Each morning the space is transformed into the breakfast area, and at night it is a bit more quaint and personal. Their meals will fill you up and have you coming back for more.


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