Valentine's Day Brownie Cake Review

Surprise Your Valentine with a Brownie Heart Cake

Valentine's Day Brownie Cake ReviewThere’s less than a week to get your Sweetie something for Valentine’s Day. We’re not going to talk about all the work, household responsibilities and other things that need to get done. Don’t just pack it up and say “I’ll get it next year”, instead order something that will surprise your sweetheart and it’s a lot quicker than dealing with the lines at the store.

Valentine's Day Brownie Cake ReviewThis year Gourmet Gift Baskets really came through for me getting something for my boyfriend. You see, we’re at this point in our relationship that neither of us need anything, or really have anything we want that we can’t buy ourselves. Our normal Valentine’s Day is staying in and watching movies we’ve rented and avoiding everyone who is flooding the restaurants. So when Gourmet Gift Baskets sent me their Valentine’s Day Brownie Cake to review, I knew it’d be perfect for him. Not only does he love brownies, but since it’s not gluten free – it’s completely his!

The Valentine’s Day Brownie Cake is a 9 inch heart shaped cake made completely out of a chewy fudge brownie. It is decorated and piped with red and white frosting and shipped fully wrapped and protected in a perishable box and delivered right to your door! When it first arrived it was still cold and a little hard to cut through, but once we brought the brownie up to room temperature it was easy to cut and ready to enjoy. And boy did my boyfriend ever enjoy it! It has lasted several days so far, but it’s been perfect with a large glass of milk.  The brownie will serve probably 10 or more people, unless you want large pieces – but remember there’s the sweetness from the frosting too! It’s perfect for the brownie lover in my life.

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