alex and ani living water bangle review

Surprise Mom with a Living Water Charm Bangle

alex and ani living water bangle reviewI love gifts that have a special meaning and ones that help give back, so I was in love with the the Living Water Charm Bangle that ALEX AND ANI created with CHARITY BY DESIGN. The bangles are simple, beautiful and hold a special meaning.

We were sent a Living Water bangle to review, and with the current situation in Flint, the need for clean water strikes close to home.  Not only are the Living Water bangles beautiful, 20% of the purchase price goes to Living Water International to support their work of demonstrating divine love by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water. That means 20% of your gift can help others with clean drinkable water that their areas may not have.

alex and ani living water bangle reviewThe Living Water bangle comes in both nickel-free Gold or a Silver Rafaellan alloy and features a large blue gem water drop to symbolize purity. All of the bangles are completely adjustable so they will fit any wrist size, and they’re light weight enough you could stack several together.

I have larger wrists than normal and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the bangle on, let alone off of my hand. But the slide joint makes it nice and easy to slip on and off. I tend to be partial to silver tones, but the nickel-free gold is slightly aged so it’s almost a bronze tone. Overall the bracelet is simple and elegant and go with jeans as well as a fancy dress.

One of the best things for me about the ALEX AND ANI Living Water Bangle is it’s an affordable gift idea. Each bangle only costs $28, and can be worn alone or with other accessories. It’s not a huge sticker shock for such a beautiful bracelet that your mother (or you) might just love. With an added social message, the bracelet will catch people’s eyes and spark conversations all while being the perfect accessory.

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