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vida gifts review

vida gifts reviewWhen you are out buying your gifts for the holiday season do you ever consider where they come from? What impact your gift may have on the person who designed it? Often our gifts come from a big factory and the connection to the original designer is long gone. That is until you get a gift for you or your loved ones from VIDA.

VIDA is a collaboration between independent artists and makers from around the world. Everything is socially responsible, ethically sourced, and artist inspired. The artists get a percentage of the sales of their designs and VIDA offers literacy training to the factory workers who make the products. These collaborations can help you get beautiful gifts that are not like anything you’ll find at the mall. And the best part – you help support artists and creators throughout the world.

vida gifts reviewWe were sent a beautiful glass tray from VIDA to check out, and the design is intricate and inside the layers of glass so it wont scrape off after years of use. When looking at the different products on the VIDA shop we did find that not only can you find more items you love from an artist but you can learn more about the person who design it. This gives you more of a connection to the creator and their story may inspire you to support them more.

With unique gifts, beautiful items that will compliment your style, your home and your budget – VIDA is a great place to check out new gift options for your holiday shopping.

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