Supernova Lantern review

Supernova LED Camping Lantern -Great for Sport and Emergencies #Supernova300

Supernova Lantern ReviewYou never know when you’ll need a back up light, or when you will need an extra lantern for camping as well. When I’m loading the car for a camping trip, or even a long road trip I like to be prepared, but may not have a lot of extra space to pack additional gear. That’s why I was excited when the Supernova 300 LED lantern showed up for us to review, I was excited to have a compact option to pack and take with us.

Supernova Lantern reviewI will admit, I was shocked at just how small the Supernova LED lantern was. Compared to the lantern we already have, it is only a quarter of the size. Without batteries in it, it is extremely light and seemed tiny. But size can be deceiving. The Supernova lantern is just over 3 in x 3 in x 7 inches, and slightly smaller than a water bottle standing up. But once you put the batteries in, the unit has the heft you’d expect in an item you’d take camping with you. And the light power, is more than you would expect would come out of the lantern itself.

Supernova Lantern reviewThe Supernova lantern takes 3 D cell batteries, and has different lighting options you can select by the push of a single button. Your lantern can be on low, high or even pulse lighting for emergency situations. Since it is meant for travel or emergency situations, the lantern does have a low sensor light on the front that shows that there is power in the unit. This doesn’t draw a lot of energy, but will instead help you find it at night and in the dark. The Supernova has a basic handle on the top like a more traditional lantern, and the bottom has a hook that you can hang the unit from the top of your tent or in trees or as you need it. Because it is an LED lantern, you will have up to 100,000 hours from the bulbs before they go out. However if the lights ever go out – the small unit comes with a five year warranty so it will be covered!

Supernova Lantern reviewI love how small the unit is after playing with it for a while. Not only does it not take up a ton of space in our camping gear, but it easily stashed in a drawer for power outages or other issues. The only issue I had with the unit was getting the battery closure re-closed. You can to line up two arrows on the bottom and turn it, but the inside started to shift some as I did it, but after a couple tries the bottom closed easily and the unit was ready to go. This is a great go to item for our upcoming camping trips and to stash for emergencies.

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