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dawn dish soap review

Dawn Ultra

Doing dishes is just part of my life. For the past seven (plus) years, I’ve lived in a house without a dishwasher or even a garbage disposal. That thankfully is going to change really (really) soon, but that doesn’t mean dishes wont be a reality. While the majority of the plates and cups will take a ride in the dishwasher, there are still a lot of my dishes I will do by hand. Some are not made for the dishwasher and others I don’t want to damage (I’m looking at you chef knives!) And since everything has been done by hand for so long, I go through dish soap like it’s water. I don’t care if you’re a running water washer or a full sink washer, the fact is dish soap goes quickly, and that’s if you only have to wash it once!

Dawn Ultra

The other day I received this great package in the mail from Dawn, and they wanted me to make cupcakes! Besides loving cupcakes, the tools they sent were just great. Not only did I get the tools I would need to make some pretty sweet looking and tasting cupcakes, but some dish soap to clean up afterwards.

I may have mentioned this in the past (okay – I know I have), but I’m a messy cook. The only thing that will look worse than the counter when I’m done is the dish pile I create. So having some Dawn Ultra on hand to clean up with was a nice tool for the aftermath that is my baking. Just add water and a sponge and I was good to go!

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Since we’re talking about Dawn, they sent over this great recipe for Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. Although they don’t quite look bright blue once they’re baked, as you can see by the other images below the batter is bright Dawn blue.

Dawn has been known for years to be a great tool for fighting grease and oil. We’ve all seen it being used to help save animals from oil spills, and there are a lot of other great uses for it too. Besides washing your dishes, you can use it as part of a cleaner solution, homemade weed killer and more. It’s a magical product and one that we’ve come to rely on for years in our house.

Dawn Ultra

I love baking and making cupcakes – however that does mean a lot of dishes for me. When it comes to recipes with food dyes and gels, I find the job is even harder. In the past I’d have to wash the mixer bowl and dishes several times to make sure color was off. It’s not always easy getting it off of things, even if they’re suppose to be non-stick! And if my frosting has any type of oil in it (what kind doesn’t), other dish soaps would smear it instead of wash it away. Let me tell you that holiday baking can be a pain just from the clean up alone!

Dawn Ultra

But after I made my cupcakes today, I faced none of the usual enemies when it came to washing dishes. Baked on bits from my sloppy cupcake paper filing slid off easily, the spatula, bowl, mixer bowl and even paddle wiped clean quickly and there wasn’t a trace of color or grease on any of my tools! That’s all due to Dawn grease fighting power combined with their new Ultra dish soap’s 2 times more active suds. That means you’re using less soap to get the job done. Less soap of course means you’ll be buying it less and saving money, but it also means less time on getting more soap to keep cleaning. All of the dishes came out clean and in no time. I can’t wait to try Dawn Ultra in my heavy baking season – Grease Be Gone!

And we all know what spending less time in the kitchen doing dishes means right? Other than less back aches and sore feet? More time to do what you really enjoy! It might be reading a book, playing on Facebook, or heading outside to watch the clouds with your little one. It’s summer, and the perfect time to spend less time inside and more doing what you love – but grab a cupcake on the way!

Dawn Ultra

So are you read to get baking and make some blue cupcakes of your own? They’re great for any parties coming up, or maybe a 4th of July party! Dawn is giving one of my readers a prize pack so you can get baking, and clean up quick and easily as you go! Spend more time with your family this summer and less doing those dishes! One reader will win:

  • A Bottle of Dawn Ultra
  • Apron
  • Blue food coloring
  • Dawn Ultra Blue Cupcakes recipe
  • Mixing bowl
  • Non-stick cupcake tin
  • Spatula

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me why you like Dawn, your best experience with them or your thoughts on Dawn! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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Giveaway will close at 11:59 PM on 6/20/2014.
This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dawn. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I use Dawn in some of the most unconventional ways. I use to for flea baths on my dogs and cats as well as shampoo to help remove temporary hair dye out of hair. It is such a versatile product.

  2. When we first moved into our apartment that has no dishwasher, we had to depend to on Dawn to get our dishes clean and effectively remove grease.We use Dawn because we can depend on it to be strong,economical, and we always have clean dishes!

  3. Favorite thing about dawn, is it’s not only good in the kitchen, but works great for bathing the dogs, on poison ivy, and even to kill weeds!

  4. I love Dawn because it cuts through grease & gets the job done! My feels doesn’t feel dry when I use Dawn! Thanks!!

  5. I like the power soak 5 minutes. It works great on burnt on food on the side of the dish and doesn’t have to soak over night to get it to come off.

  6. I love Dawn! When I’m done cooking in my crock pot, i squirt some Dawn in it with water and let it soak a little bit. It helps so much!

  7. This is too funny! I have blue cupcakes mix too! I love dawn to get the tough grime off of tough pots!

  8. My great grandma and my mother used Dawn so naturally I now do to. I use it for more than dishes. I wash lawn furniture with it, siding of my home with it, animal cages with it and more.

  9. My favorite thing about Dawn is that it’s so tough on dirty dishes. My experience with Dawn has been fabulous. I love how I can have a dish that has stuck on grease or food on it and then let it soak with hot water and Dawn. An hour or so later, go back and the food and or grease slides right off. I love it. I don’t have to scrub that much.

  10. My favorite thing about Dawn is that it is the BEST at cutting grease. MY son compared it to other dishwashing liquids in a science fair project several years ago, it won hands down.

  11. I use Dawn all of the time. It works great and at a great price. But I love that they support wildlife! Such an important cause!

  12. I used Dawn to clean a couch in an apartment I had moved to. It was a totally different color. I have always loved Dawn.

  13. I love to cook and grease buildup can be a real problem in the kitchen. Dawn is the only dish detergent I have found that will cut the grease on my kitchen cabinets.

  14. I really love Dawn. It works so well, better then other brands. I love how any grease gets cleaned up so quickly.

  15. I can’t even begin to count how many years I have been using Dawn! I love the smells and feel of their product.

  16. I love Dawn because of it’s wonderful grease fighting ability and the fact that it’s gentile on my skin. Anything that can be used on animals to remove oil after spills has to be gentile.

  17. Dawn is great, cuts the grease, doesn’t hurt the enviroment, great bug killer, and gets the stubborn grease out, before doing laundry…It is an effective dish soap– never dries out my hands. 🙂

  18. Those cupcakes look great! I’ve used Dawn for years because I like the results, and when I learned of their wildlife efforts I was even happier to support the company.

  19. Dawn is the best dish soap I have ever tried. It gets dishes cleaner and cuts grease better. I don’t know if they are still having it or not, but I also loved how Dawn helped donate to save wildlife with every bottle sold.

  20. I like that Dawn dish soap fights grease and is gentle on my hands! Best dishwashing soap! I also like the smell! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Dawn makes it easier when it’s part of my list. Like how it cleans tomatoe sauce off plastic bowls. No greasy residue.

  22. Dawn is the only dishwashing liquid that we use. It makes cleaning even the toughest messes easy and never leaves a greasy film on any of our dishes.

  23. My best experience with dawn is that you only have to use a little of it to get a large amount of dishes done. We buy dawn regularly and wouldn’t use anything else!

  24. Dawn, I believe, is the best dishwashing liquid to fight grease, clean dishes, etc. Always have trusted the brand.

  25. I love that Dawn cuts through all those greasy dishes. Dawn is the only dish soap that I use!! It also isn’t harsh on my hands!!

  26. My favorite thing about Dawn is how it takes off stuck on food so well and does not leave the dish water feeling greasy.

  27. My favorite thing about Dawn is that it gets rid of grease. It is very easy to clean up pots and pans because most grease and residue comes up within seconds of soaking in Dawn dish soap.

  28. I dont have a dishwasher like most people I have never had one in the 25 years that I have been married so I have washed many a dishes and I only and always use dawn it is the best soap to get grease and grime off I use it to wash my kitty to.


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