Strider Bikes Teach Balance Naturally

strider bike review

strider bike reviewI remember when I was first learning how to ride to bike I fell down a lot. The transition from a tricycle to a bike has been the way it’s been for years, but now kids can skip the trike and learn to ride on a balance bike! Strider is a balance bike that teaches your toddler and child to ride a bike without training wheels or a tricycle. Goonie was sent a Strider bike to make his transition to a bike easier.

strider bike reviewWhen you first unpack the Strider bike, it is in a few pieces that need assembled. The main body of the bike is together with a hard seat, but the handle bars are in the box with the tools needed to assemble it, as well as a softer cushioned seat. Don’t go run and look for your tool set, you really only need the included allen wrench. Other than installing the seat you want and handlebars, you do have to remove some caps from the sides of the wheels. The caps are there to protect them nuts from breaking through the side of the box during shipping. But overall, the assembly of the bike only took a few minutes and Goonie was ready to go on his adventure!

strider bike reviewStrider Bikes have plastic formed wheels, that wont need blown up and they should last for a long time. The wheels will take your little adventurer over concrete, through grass and more. But one of the best things is the bike is powered with the your child’s legs and since there aren’t training wheels or pedals, they control the speed and balance of the bike.

strider bike reviewA balance bike helps your child power themselves through their next adventure and beyond. And the Strider bike helps grow with them. The seat and the handle bar have a latch that you can release and move them up and down as your child gets taller. You can skip the trike, and start your toddler on their own balance bike as soon as they can walk, and keep it until they’re old enough to get to a regular pedal bike. Once your child figures out their balance on a bike, the transition to a traditional bike is easier, and it’s just switch the motion of using their feet to pedaling a pike.

official strider logo_Strider company logo[2][1][2][4]One thing I loved about the Strider Bikes is they actually don’t stop at balance bikes for the under 5 crowd. Strider makes balance bikes for older kids and even adults, who may not have the coordination for using a traditional pedal bike. You can find Strider Bikes online and on Amazon. Not only can you find the right one for your child, but you can find great accessories like skis to take them off road in the winter, and information about events!


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