Stop Off at the World’s Largest Tea Pot – Americana at it’s Finest

World's Largest Tea Pot West Virginia

There is just something so fascinating about Americana and road side attractions that we have to stop every time we see one. We’re not quite sure what caused the trend of the “giant” items that are all over our country, but we love stopping to see them when we find them on a map. Yes, there is the giant ball of twine, giant chairs and more – but have you ever seen a giant tea pot? We’re not even talking just an oversized one, but one you could actually go inside and stand clearly (if you were able to that is).

World's Largest Tea Pot West VirginiaRight at the highway junction in Chester, West Virginia you can find this larger than life tea pot on the side of the road. Built originally to celebrate the thriving pottery industry in the area back in the 1930’s, the tea pot still signifies the industry that employs a large portion of the area. The building has a long past of being a shop to sell tea pots and snacks until the 1980’s. It was restored in the 90’s and now stands as a testament of the still thriving pottery industry in the area. It’s a quick drive from this location to Homer Laughlin China and Hall China as well.

World's Largest Tea Pot West VirginiaYou may first encounter the World’s Largest Tea Pot as you drive past it on the highway, or over it on a bridge. But to actually get to the tea pot can be a bit of a challenge. It is right in a grassy area that is between the highway, an on ramp and a busy road. There are parking lots near the location of local businesses, but the Tea Pot doesn’t have it’s own parking area or really a safe way to cross over to see it. Thankfully, local traffic knows that there will be tourists with cameras looking for that small opening so they can dart across to see the Tea Pot. Cars slowed down, waved to me as I waited to cross safely.

A trip to the World’s Largest Tea Pot is worth it, but wont take you very long. It is a quick stop to stretch your legs, walk around the tea pot and run back to your car. You cannot go inside, but it’s still nice to see that bit of history up close and personal.


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