Stop Your Lettuce from Browning with the Trudeau Lettuce Knife

trudeau lettuce knife review

trudeau lettuce knife reviewWe eat with our eyes before food even touches our lips. It’s because of this, I always pick through my salad when it comes at a restaurant and pull out any pieces of lettuce that may be brown. Let’s face it, it’s not appealing to look at – even if it’s probably still fine to eat. At home, I either choose smaller greens to work with for salads or tear it from the lettuce head. That is until Trudeau sent me their Lettuce Knife to review – it doesn’t look a traditional knife, and that’s exactly why it works perfectly!

trudeau lettuce knife reviewWhen my boyfriend first saw the Trudeau Lettuce Knife, his first response was that the new knife metals looked awfully odd. But it’s the lack of metal in this knife that makes it work. The plastic is so clear you may not even see it when it’s sitting on certain surfaces! It’s a long held belief that the metal in a knife’s blade can bruise the lettuce leafs and make them brown faster. Because of that belief, Trudeau created this BPA free plastic knife to cut your greens easily. The blade of the knife is serrated and fluted so it will easily cut your greens without damaging them.

trudeau lettuce knife reviewThe handle is ergonomically designed a a bright friendly green. Using the Lettuce Knife is easy and while it’s not metal, still is a little sharp on the points, but it’d be hard to actually cut yourself with it. This maybe a great tool to have younger cooks start helping out more in the kitchen and getting involved in food prep as well. Since the lettuce knife doesn’t contain any metal, you cannot store it on a traditional knife rack – this may be the only negative for the product for me, but it stores easily in the drawer. The gentle blade would also make it ideal for fruits and vegetables with softer skins.

The Trudeau Lettuce Knife is an affordable tool for home cooks at around $5, and you can find it on Amazon and at stores near you.



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