Stop Kitchen Fatigue with a Satech Floor Mat

Satech Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Review

Satech Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Review

We’ve all reached that time of the holiday season, our feet are about to fall off from standing in the kitchen too much. The reality is that standing for long hours on hard surfaces can hurt your body and over time make you more tired. While our cookie list isn’t quite done, we know there are hours left to spend in the kitchen before our guests get here and our cooking list is done. But this year, we’re not standing on a hard tile floor the whole time, instead we have an anti-fatigue mat we’re using from Satech.

Satech Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat ReviewThe new SmartCell SlimLine kitchen mat comes in three colors including grey, red and brown and can easily fit into most kitchen designs. Featuring a lower profile, ⅜ inch height, and a stylish basket weave surface, the all-new SmartCells SlimLine mats utilize the same trusted cushioning technology as our industrial products but in a package that is lighter and tailored for residential and office use.  The optimized design of SmartCells SlimLine mats offer a stable surface over cylindrical cells which become softer under impact and resist bottoming out, this creates the perfect balance for maximum comfort while standing in a kitchen. The SmartCells are spring-like, in that they cushion as weight is applied, then rebound when the weight shifts, which returns energy and reduces fatigue.

In addition to the unique cushioning technology, thanks to their rubber-based construction, SmartCells SlimLine mats will not absorb liquid and are easy to clean. Making it perfect to keep by the sink or areas of high traffic that may have a spill or two or when you’re using your Electrolux Professional. Each Satech floor mat comes in a 2′ x 3′ size and has a four year warranty.

What we’ve found is the mat makes standing over the stove for long durations easier and that standing in front of the counter mixing up that latest cookie dough. The little bit of cushion it provides means less foot pain and body aches as we go through our daily dinner routine and the cells create a small suction to the floor below. With the non-absorbing surface we don’t have to worry about germs getting in the mat and being trapped inside. The mat is easy to move around our kitchen as we need it, and helps make cooking less of a chore over all.


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