Stock Up For the Holidays with New Wines from NakedWines

Nakedwines Subscription Review

Guests are almost at your door – have you considered what you’re going to serve them for drinks? Have you stocked up on your wine and drinks? Or have you looked at the weak variety that the grocery store has and decided that it’s time to expand your offerings at home?

This year, our holiday spirits (see what we did there?) are being delivered by NakedWines – who not only has a huge selection of wine to choose from, but can even deliver them next day. They sent us a large variety of wine and rose wines that will pair perfectly with our holiday meal and give our guests plenty of options to try with their meals. We love the options of wines they have for us, and the fact that they are from small wineries we may not have discovered otherwise.

A lot of their bottles have angel wings and are marked as Angel Wines. But what are Wine Angels? The term first confused us too! But NakedWines refer to their 100,000+ customers as angels, it’s due to your patronage that they are able to help fund small wineries and women owned businesses. You’re an angel helping these small businesses grow into the business they want to be and expand on the variety of wines they offer.

It’s not too late to get your order in for the holiday season and we are going to be trying out so many different wines for Thanksgiving! We can’t wait to crack into that rose in a can – we didn’t even know that was an option! Get your order in now and get some wines delivered in time for Thanksgiving, and enjoy a new wine or two with your meal.

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