Go from Day to Night with Vintage Style Sterling Silver Earrings

sterling earrings review

sterling earrings reviewI’ve always been a silver girl, it’s crisp and clean looking and goes with so many outfits. Over the years I’ve collected a large amount of sterling silver jewelry since it’s one of the best quality you can get and it lasts for years. I was sent this set of¬†Vintage Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Drop Earrings to review, and they’re quickly becoming some of my favorite earrings.

sterling earrings reviewThe Vintage Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Drop Earrings¬†are a single formed piece and the hook back actually loops around into the closure. This gives you the peace of mind that your earrings will stay in place and there’s no need for an additional backing. The round onyx pieces are wrapped snugly with silver in almost a nest type shape. The earrings appear to be cast and have no rough edges anywhere, while the spiral is a bit free form, they are uniform and obviously come from a cast.

I don’t usually order my jewelry online without actually checking it out first. It’s one of those things that I like to touch, and feel and see if they’re what I really want. But just the look of these earrings were beautiful and I could see myself wearing them to work and even to a night out on the town and to events. They’ve got a classic look, very clean and will last for years to come. And for the price – these earrings are a great gift. The earrings are light weight and can be worn without bothering you for long periods of time.


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