Stepping into the Soundbooth: Voltron Voice Over Session #voltron

Voltron Voice Over Session

Voltron Voice Over SessionI’m always amazed at some of the opportunities and things that blogging has offered me. Not once did I ever think I’d be in a sound booth, but now because of DreamWorks I’ve been inside a south booth doing a voice over twice! Of course, while the clip is actually one from the new upcoming episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender, the session was just for fun and not for the show.

The last time I was at DreamWorks and did the Voice Over Session for DinoTrux, it actually took a couple times for me to get us to the process and one time I completely missed the cue and said “crap”. Like the first voice over session we were given a sheet with our dialog highlighted and got to watch the clip. Then it was into the booth to record our voices as Shiro in the shot!

You can see the clip below from my session, along side the voices of Tyler Labine (Hunk) and Jeremy Shada (Lance):

Getting inside the sound booth is an amazing experience and seeing all that happens behind the scenes isn’t something I ever thought I’d get to do. It’s a bit surreal to watch a clip from a show with your voice as a character. I am happy to say, this time I did the voice over in just one take! I’m not sure if it was a fluke or just good luck that day, but it was an improvement from my last visit.

Check out the clip from the upcoming series when they find the Blue Lion!

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 1 will debut on Netflix on June 10th. Tune in to watch all of the episodes!


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