League Stadium Huntingburg Indiana League of Their Own Field

Step on the Field like a Rockford Peach and Experience a Game

Often when you watch your favorite movie you can be safe to assume that the movie was filmed in California, New York or Vancouver. We pretty much think that most movies are filmed on a lot somewhere and their actual location doesn’t exist. But what if your favorite movie was filmed not too far from where you live? You could drive to it in less than a day?

League Stadium Huntingburg Indiana League of Their Own Field

When A League of Their Own hit theaters it was a hit. The movie about an all women’s team that not only broke records but won hearts while their husbands were away at war. There are lines from the movie that we quote to this day, but the 1992 movie wasn’t filmed filmed all on a lot and a make believe place. Instead, the baseball field where the film was shot can be visited still today.

The movie is about the Rockford Peaches, a team based out of Illinois, but the Peaches in the movie actually play at League Stadium a baseball stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana. Originally built in 1894, League Stadium is the home of the Dubois County Bombers of the collegiate summer Prospect League and formerly the Dubois County Dragons of the independent Frontier League.

League Stadium Huntingburg Indiana League of Their Own Field

Still an active baseball field, you can visit and buy Rockford Peach souvenirs, get photos of the field and root for your favorite team in this old school ball field. But what if you want to visit the field when it’s not ball season?

The entrance of League Stadium is actually through a public park, and when you first arrive at the Stadium you will find painted sayings from the movie as well as a large fence around it. The fence is there during the off season to help preserve the stadium. However, we did find that at the far end of the parking lot, the gates weren’t just unlocked – but open. As well as the inner gates. While we’re not sure if this is the usual case, but it seems that the field is open for fans to explore with respect.

If you decide to visit League Stadium, take nothing but photos and memories with you! You can find League Stadium located at 203 South Cherry Street.

For game and event schedule – visit the League Stadium Website.

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