Step Into Hollywood History at the Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Museum Los Angeles Tour

Just the thought of Hollywood brings to mind the glitz and glamour of the city, the movies and the red carpet events that happen in the area. With celebrities, luxury brands and the lifestyle that is almost unobtainable for everyday life. And while traveling to Hollywood is often a dream for some people, to see where the magic happens – the cost of visiting some of the attractions come with a hefty price tag that might make them a bit out of the budget for the ordinary tourist.

Hollywood Museum Los Angeles Tour

But right off the Hollywood strip is a gem, one that is affordable and offers more than what even local movie buffs may know about – The Hollywood Museum. In a unique location, The Hollywood Museum is only feet off of Hollywood Boulevard and attached to the original Mel’s Drive-In (with a bit of Hollywood history of its own). Only costing $15 a person to tour the museum, it is one of the most affordable attractions you can find in the area.

Hollywood Museum Los Angeles Tour

The museum itself is located in the historic Max Factor building where starlets of the past used to have their hair and makeup styled before red carpet events and more. And half of the first floor is dedicated to this, and the original doors for the space denoting rooms for Blondes and Brunettes to get styled in and more. Vanities dedicated to starlets, their regimen and more still set up for their next make-over, and bits of Hollywood history surround it.

Hollywood Museum Los Angeles Tour

With old Hollywood meeting new, the museum homes over 10,000 pieces of history and artifacts currently and has special exhibits that rotate through the spaces. The floors offer different perspectives of different times in history, as well as genres you may want to explore more. From original costumes, to full set pieces from Silence of the Lamb (yes, you can sit in the chair like Clarice) and much more – The Hollywood Museum will keep you busy for hours and in awe of everything that this small space has inside.

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