Step Inside The Pie Hole – Where You Can Visit the Pushing Daisies Set

The Pie Hole Pushing Daisies Filming Location

The bright and almost whimsical show Pushing Daisies is one that didn’t get the screen time it deserved, with only offering fans two seasons. But that didn’t stop the show from gaining cult classic status, and the almost light hearted take on death and quirky story telling is one that is enjoyed over and over again.

Pushing Daisies follows the story of Ned, who finds out he can bring people back from the dead – but only for a minute. Originally created to be the lighter side and mirror of the dark comedy Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies is wrapped around the love of Ned’s life Charlotte (Chuck) who he brings back to life after her untimely death, and now cannot touch her again.

The Pie Hole Exterior in Pushing Daisies

Throughout the whole series, the show takes place in Ned’s pie shop – The Pie Hole. And like the majority of the show, it is a highly stylized and almost cartoonish building and space. But the reality of the set location is it’s at the heart of the Warner Brothers Studio lot. Not only is the building still there, with the sweeping attached buildings still there but it is still a set that is being reused for other things.

Unfortunately, like several other things in Pushing Daisies – you cannot see the pie crust roof since it was created digitally, but the building that was used for the location can still be seen if you are walking down the streets on the lot. It may take a keen eye to see the original set in what’s left, but the attached building and the round facade will give it away.

Interior View of The Pie Hole in Pushing Daisies

Your tour on the Warner Brothers Studio lot will take you right past The Pie Hole and your tour guide may or may not point it out to you. But inside, it’s harder to see the fun and whimsical pie shop we all love. That’s because while Pushing Daisies did record directly in the shop – like many other sets at Warner Brothers it has been reused for other shows since the show stopped filming in 2008.

The Pie Hole Pushing Daisies Filming Location
The current interior of the set used for The Pie Hole

Long gone are the curved arches, the sweeping counters and anything on the interior that would make you recognize it as the beloved workplace of Ned and Olive Snook, but fans may still be able to pick out a few things in the space that they recognize.

Since the building is a permanent fixture at Warner Brothers, and the love fans have for the show, we can only hope that we will see a day that The Pie Hole is opened again and the quirky adventures of Pushing Daisies returns to our screens.


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