Step Back into Automotive History When you Visit the Garden of Gas Signs

Garden of Gas Signs Indiana

In a small town neighborhood you can find the Garden of Gas Station Signs. A private installation of automotive history put together by the Whitaker family. The garden outside is open to the public for photographs and currently features 36 free-standing signs set on 18-foot-tall poles, collected by Alan Ray Whitaker, who’s only been at it since 2013. Signs range in age from 1934 to 1961.

As you pull into the neighborhood you can instantly see the installation that you are welcome to explore. It’s a lot of over sized memorabilia that automotive enthusiasts will love to see and reflect on.

The collection was started in 2013 and it is impressive for anyone who comes upon it. The large signs outside isn’t all there is, inside his large garage Whitaker lovingly displays dozens of neon clocks that were the standard decor in every service station. There’s an old gas pump, more signs, a couple of boats and a vintage Corvette. Whitaker has traveled to over 40 states collecting different neon signs.

If you’re lucky enough to be greeted by the Whitakers, they will explain the collection and the fascination with the touch of nostalgia that each moment brings. Whitaker plans to continue to expand the site including possibly bringing an old gas station in the middle of the signs. At this time, he has no plans to open the garage to public.

You can find the Garden of Gas Signs at 649 Brewer St., Whiteland, IN


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