Michigan Renaissance Festival 2015

Steampunk, Shows and More at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

On August 22nd, the 37th annual Michigan Renaissance Festival kicked off at Hollygrove. And until October 4th, you can visit, and experience everything that this year’s Ren Fest has to offer. From romantic dining options, great shows and even traditional fair foods like that giant turkey leg.

Michigan Renaissance Fair 2015We were invited back to visit the Michigan Renaissance Festival and enjoy the shows, great food and atmosphere. Long time attendees will be excited to know that the things they’ve loved for several years are still there including tomato throwing, the Washing Wenches and even Ded Bob (who thankfully has updated his show some). But this year we noticed something different – new acts, and even prizes that kids can earn by playing the games.

Michigan Renaissance Fair 2015The festival is open rain or shine, and until today – I never really got to experience the festival in the rain. One benefit of the rain is the crowds are smaller than usual – there will still be the die hard fans, but the festival wont be as full as hotter clearer days. Since the Ren Fest is outside, except in the Castle and the stores, pretty much everything will be wet as well. If rain is even a small percentage in the forecast – be prepared for  a wet and muddy day. The rain adds a different element to the experience, just hope that the day is a bit warmer than 50 degrees!

Michigan Renaissance Fair 2015

While we enjoyed watching some of our favorite shows this year, hanging out and getting hugs from Mother Superior, one of our favorite things to do at the festival is people watch. This weekend featured a Steampunked Competition, arm wrestling, as well as a belly dance competition. There are a lot more themed weekends and competitions coming up as well. The Michigan Renaissance Festival is happening every weekend until October 4th. You can get tickets online or at the event. Don’t forget to stop in and get your smoked turkey leg, Scotch egg and those “Vegetarian Breakfast Sausages” (pickles).

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