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Stay Tick and Flea Free with PetArmor #TICKFREEFALL

Petarmor for Dogs
Even though the summer is over, we still have to worry about Fleas and ticks for our four legged friends. Thankfully I was chosen for an opportunity with Mom it Forward Blogger Network to review some great PetArmor products for our furry friends.

PetArmor for Dogs

PetArmor makes both flea and tick treatments for both cats and dogs. Each packet comes with three Pipettes (or packages) of the flea and tick treatment that is as easy as a twist off lid that you can put on your pet. It is easy to use, and you don’t need a vet to get it for your pets. PetArmor flea and tick treatments have the same active ingredients as their major competitors: fiprinol, and it is combined with an active tick treatment providing a powerful combination to provide the best protection against the biggest offenders.

We chose the medium sized dog treatment for our little herd of dogs. It’s just about the right size for the group. Since there are three pipettes in each package, there would be one treatment for each of the girls.

PetArmor for Dogs

Why do we like giving the girls their flea treatment at home? Well, they love their vet – but sometimes it’s just easier to bribe them to stand still with their new (zombie) chew toys and do it quickly at home. It’s convenient, and it fits better in our busy schedule. Trust me, getting all three girls into the vet at once – not counting the cats of course, can be a hassle. Why not do it at home?

PetArmor for Dogs

So why PetArmor – besides the convenience factor? The at home treatments can help ticks and fleas including the types that carry Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever.

Yes, as the weather gets a bit cooler we don’t worry as much about fleas and ticks as you would in the hot summer days. But wouldn’t you know it – right before our Pet Armor treatment Pudgy actually had fleas on her, even after her other treatments this summer. Besides the cost of new treatments, this also means extra baths for the girls and of course bombing the house to kill the other fleas that may be around.

PetArmor for cats

PetArmor also offers the same treatments for our cats as well. They may stay inside all the time, but the dogs don’t so the chance of fleas and ticks getting on them is very real. And while the dogs may enjoy their trips to the vet, the cats.. well they would prefer to stay in the house and in their own little world. We can quickly grab the pipettes and apply the treatment while we’re doing one of our evening cuddle sessions.

We like to make sure that all of our four legged friends are healthy and free of ticks and fleas. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we treat all of them for fleas and ticks to keep them (and our house) free of extra house guests.

You can find PetArmor at your local Walmart, pet stores and most pet supply retailers. Make sure your four legged friends are tick and flea free this fall!

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