Stay Powered Up No Matter Where You Travel

Eco Global Travel Adapter Review

We’re more connected than every and that means we’re going to need to stay charged wherever you are. If you’re traveling domestically, it’s not that hard to charge all of your devices with the standard plug that came with it. But what happens when you are traveling to another country that doesn’t use the standard 120 volt plugs we are use to.

Eco Global Travel Adapter Review

If you’re a frequent traveler, you need to pick up an Evo Travel Adapter. It’s small enough to put in your pocket, weighs less than a pound and can work in over 150 different countries. And the best part – it’s a fast charge Dual USB charger that converts the power down to the level that your device can take safely.

No more hauling around a huge adapter block to keep your phone or tablet charged on the go – instead you can just grab the Evo and save space to do it. We love that it is a direct USB charger, since our most recent trip we had continual issues getting a full and decent charge on our phones. This fixes the power issues that we had.

Eco Global Travel Adapter Review

It only takes a quick slide out on one side or the the other to change the prongs around and the standard 120 flat plugs actually rotate to fit in other sockets as you need. The Evo travel adapter is perfect to store in your bag and ready for your next adventure, and will make sure you have the power you need wherever your travels take you next.

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