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My charge charger review
Talk and Charge+
Our lives are in our phones, and if you’re like me you always are carrying a power cord with you. But traveling and going from place to place, I can’t always trust that I will have place to plug in my phone as I’m going from place to place. I have even found myself stuck at an airport without a working plug anywhere near me and a phone on life support. Since then I’ve been determined to not go without a back up power source in my bag. But the reality is, some of those back ups run out pretty quickly, and are only a quick fix to a much larger problem.
Talk and Charge+ Review
Since I’m always looking for a quick way to charge, and a reliable back up source for my phones (yes, I have two or more at any one given point in time), myCharge sent me a couple of their Talk & Charge+ Smart Phone Chargers to review. They’re not like the huge block charger I keep in my car (actually an inverter), or the stick chargers I’ve gotten over the past couple years. Instead it’s a slim charger with a lot of power packed inside.

Talk and Charge+

The Talk and Charge+ is almost as slim as the HTC One M8, and fits easily in your hand. One both sides of it it has small “feet” that grip your device or case. Due to it’s streamlined shape and size, it will fit comfortably in your hand while you continue to talk and you’re on the go.

Talk and Charge+

The Talk and Charge+ has a micro-USB cord attached to it, but unlike other chargers it’s an extremely short cord. They don’t expect you to have it stuffed in your bag while you talk on your phone, and that’s why it’s made to fit directly behind your phone.

The sleek design isn’t the only think the the Talk and Charge+ has to offer. The micro-USB model will boost your talk time up to 18 hours. On a full charge it will charge your device a couple times to keep you connected while you’re on the go. It only weighs a little over a quarter of a pound, but you have a 4000mAH lithium ion battery behind it making it quick to recharge your devices in a small profile.

The Talk and Charge+ doesn’t just come in a micro-USB format, you can actually get the model for iPhone as well. The iPhone Talk and Charge+ extends your battery and talk time by up to 13 hours. It’s made specifically to work with your iDevices and to give them the boost you need from an integrated Apple Lightning Cable. Both versions of the Talk and Charge+ work great to keep your devices charged on the go. And if you ever wonder just how much power you have left, you simply press the button on the back and it will light up in increments of 25%. It’s a nice way to know what you have left.

When I first took the Talk and Charge+ out my phone was almost ready to flat-line. I had just heard that dreaded “beep” telling me the battery was low. Straight out of the box the Talk and Charge+ was ready to work. I plugged it into my phone and let it work. After a full charge, it still had 25% of it’s battery left that I could charge another device if I needed a little boost.

Besides the convenience and the amount of power inside each Talk and Charge plus, I absolutely love their flexibility. The micro-USB version and the iPhone version will work with any device that uses that type of charger. I’ve got an eye on a connected camera for events, and could easily see this as a great way to shoot images while I’m on the go and still stay connected.

You can find the Talk and Charge+ online this holiday season. Know someone who is always connected? Make sure they don’t lose juice while they’re out and about!

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