boosa charger review

Stay Charged No Matter What the Day Throws at You with a Boosa Macro M1 Power Bank

More and more we rely on our phones to keep us connected to our lives, our family and our jobs. But what do you do when you run out of power or your cell phone’s battery just isn’t holding it’s charge as long as it use to? The best thing to do is to keep a power bank, or a phone boost in your bag or with you.  A lot of different chargers run out quickly, or don’t give you a full charge, but if you have a Boosa Macro M1 in your bag, you’ll be set all day.

boosa charger review

The Boosa Macro M1 has a simplistic design and comes in a variety of colors including black, white and a blush pink. Built with no sharp edges, and shaped just like your cellphone, it’s as gorgeous as a power bank can be. It can take both USB and USB-C cords, and charge more than one phone at the same time. Featuring power output through two traditional USB ports and one USB-C port, plus a little bonus. When you plug the Boosa USB Power Bank Charger into the wall to charge, you can plug your smart phone or device into Boosa simultaneously if you want both to charge. To start charging just plug in your phone and it will start without needing to be activated.

boosa charger review

What we love about the Boosa charger? It has a 10,000 mAH that means t will charge an iPhone over 3.5 times or a Samsung Galaxy over 2 times. That’s right, not a partial charge, but several charges as you go throughout the day. For us high power users, this is key to getting home with still a charge on our phone. For travel, we can make sure our phone or tablets have full charge when we get to the destination. With a smooth design, we can keep it in our pockets without it having sharp edges.

With a price point under $50, the Boosa charger will become your new best friend.

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