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Start your Own Re-Grow Garden! 

It’s hard not being able to garden yet, all of those summer fruits and veggies have been calling my name. But I have a small garden growing in my kitchen – or should I say re-growing!
Jason had found a post on one of his webzines about re-growing lettuce. If your house is like ours we get fresh produce like hearts of romaine and celery a lot. I’ve often wondered what would happen if you put them back in the ground, after all some have their roots still attached!

The Lifehacker post said to put the Romaine hearts in a glass with 1/4 inch of water. Give it fresh water when it got low and there ya go – you just sit and watch it grow!

All you do:

  1. Cut the top part off of the veggies and enjoy.
  2. Place the remaining heart or roots in a container with 1/4 inch water and plenty of sun
  3. wait!

I started the three plants at different times (we have 5 going total now). The Romaine in the center was started first about 2 weeks ago, then the celery (left) was started about a week ago and the green onions last week. They all grow at different paces but they do grow back!

There is some discussion to be had about the loss of nutrients in these re-growth plants. They’re not in the soil, but just in water. But, most of these foods are low in nutrients/calories to begin with – so it’s not a worry for me.

This works well with celery, romaine and green onions. The celery seems to show immediate growth within a day! And those onions – they grow really fast as long as you keep the roots submerged in water. Now, I’m not going to say this is the answer to all of your produce purchasing woes – but if you have a few of these going and stagger them it can help cut your costs down!

It’s nice to see fresh veggies growing in the kitchen and I plan on adding more soon! They may take a while to grow back but it’s fun to watch them grow. Not only can this be a great DIY project for you but for for the kiddos too!

3 thoughts on “Start your Own Re-Grow Garden! 

  1. How ironic that I found this article today. I just started growing celery yesterday. It will be nice to supplement my salads but I also just like to grow small vegetables plants. I will start the romaine lettuce the next time I buy some. Thank you for the encouragement that others are doing this and it works.

  2. This seems to be a great way to get started gardening. This year I hope to plant my first batch of veggies to harvest this fall. I’ve got a few weeks to figure things out. Maybe I could do this as a test.

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