Start Your Mornings with some Minion Fun

Minion Mugs Zak Designs

Minion Mugs Zak Designs¬†Every morning could use a little pick me up. It’s different for everyone, it may be coffee or tea – but we all have our morning routine and go to drink. My morning usually starts with a cup of earl grey tea with honey as a slow way to welcome the day. But no matter what you drink, it helps if you have your favorite mug with you. We have a wide variety of mugs in the house, but some of my favorite are character mugs like the Zak! Design sculpted mugs we were sent recently.

Minion Mugs Zak DesignsZak! Designs has released a whole line of Minion products including some amazing sculpted mugs. Not only are they dishwasher safe and completely functional mugs, they are sculpted fully to reflect some of you favorite minions. You can get a mug for Bob, Kevin and Stuart, and¬†each one reflects their personalities perfectly. Dressed in their blue minion suspenders and marked with the Gru logo, they’re ready for a hard day’s work.

Minion Mugs Zak DesignsI absolutely love our character mugs, but the fact that the detail is put into each character makes them even better. Bob has his two colored eyes, all have their work outfits and goggles. And they will hold more than your standard cup of coffee and will bring you a bit of minion fun and happiness in the morning. And don’t worry, they’ll perfectly hold your cocoa or cup or soup on those cold winter days coming our way.



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