Start Your Kitchen Facelift with Unhinge Hardware

unhinge hardware review

unhinge hardware reviewNot everyone has the budget to completely gut and update their kitchen like they want. Instead, a small start can start shaping the redesign of your kitchen and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We were sent some beautiful new cabinet hardware from Unhinge Hardware to help us with an update.

unhinge hardware reviewI was extremely lucky when I moved into our new house to have a completely updated kitchen. But my sister didn’t have the same luck – her kitchen is completely functional but the cabinets are old, the counter has been painted several times, and the layout needs to be re-worked. Slowly, we’re working on updating the kitchen, and Unhinge Hardware is helping us with the first step – replacing the hardware in the kitchen.

unhinge hardware reviewReplacing the hardware in your kitchen and bath is one of the quickest and easiest updates that anyone can do. You will only need a screw driver and your hands to make the swap. Depending on if the knobs are stuck on, you shouldn’t even need a lot of arm power to do the job either.

unhinge hardware reviewThe kitchen cabinets had flat silver knobs in the kitchen, which have been completely functional – but we’re looking to start a different look. We selected a brushed brass knob, that will go with the final look of the space as well as help hide fingerprints on the more often used cabinets. Each knob came with two different screws, so you could choose the one that fits with the thickness of your cabinet door and simply screw the new knob on. If there are screws already left in the cabinet from the old knobs, the new pulls may actually fit on them perfectly.

unhinge hardware reviewWhile the change is small and just a start, the kitchen update is beginning. While we may not be able to change the layout of the space we will be able to start slowly and update the cabinet knobs, the cabinet colors and even redo the counter space. The kitchen is small and functional, but we can even make it beautiful within a small budget!



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