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Start Your Garden Compost Pile with a Breeze Countertop Composter #earthday

ful circle breeze composter reviewIf this is your first year gardening or you’re a seasoned pro, you know that you want to have to have nutrient rich soil for growing your plants. It’s why a lot of home gardeners turn towards compost. Besides helping provide them with free nutrient rich soil for their gardens, it also helps reduce the amount of household waste contributed to the system. But finding a place to gather your kitchen scraps to take them out to the compost pile in your yard is harder than you’d think. 

ful circle breeze composter reviewFull Circle sent me their new Breeze Countertop Composter to check out and try. Breeze comes in two colors, and is a compact system for you to collect all of your composting safe scraps in your kitchen without worrying about smells or fruit flies like completely enclosed systems. Overall the design of the Breeze composter is slick and simple, a small canister with an aerated lid that helps keep the system smell free.

ful circle breeze composter reviewThe Breeze composter is .85 gallons, so it will easily hold scraps for a few days for a days. The top and bottom have holes and air opening to allow natural air flow and natural break down of the scraps inside the unit. Every Breeze also comes with 3 composting bags as well. The Fresh Air bags contain the scraps while keeping smells at a minimum. The bags last 3-5 days with normal use, and you can simply remove the bags and place them out in your compost pile for them to break down naturally.

ful circle breeze composter reviewFor me, the Breeze has been a great way to start the compost for this year’s garden. The size is perfect and it’s easy to drop in our scraps and the simple design fits in with our kitchen decor. If you don’t want the composter on your counter, it is small enough to stash under the sink. But one of my favorite things about the Breeze Countertop is it’s actually dishwasher safe, because there will be times that scraps end up leaving a mess as you go.

ful circle breeze composter reviewThe Fresh Air bags fit easily inside the Breeze and are held in with an inner ring. They’re easy to put in and remove when you’re ready to take them out to the compost pile. The ease of use make the Breeze a great addition to your kitchen and with only costing $20, it’s a great way to start composting at home.

Full Circle included a great list to keep on hand of what you can compost. Do you know what you can place in your compost? Pretty much anything that doesn’t have meat products, dairy or fat included. Safe items for your compost pile (list courtesy of Full Circle):

  • Fruit and Veggie Scraps
  • Wine Corks
  • Dryer Lint and Dust bunnies
  • Sawdust, pencil Shavings, Wood Chips
  • Hay and Straw
  • Yard Clippings and Grass
  • Even ashes from your fireplace
  • Stale Crackers, cereal and bread
  • Coffee Grounds and Filters
  • Tea Bags and Loose Tea
  • Eggshells
  • Nut Shells
  • Houseplant Trimmings and Leaves
  • Cardboard Rolls, cereal Boxes
  • Shredded Newspaper
  • Dairy Substitutes (soy, almond milk, etc)
  • Cooked Rice and Pasta
  • Paper Towels

For more information on composting, and the Breeze Counter top Composter check out Full Circle Online.

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11 thoughts on “Start Your Garden Compost Pile with a Breeze Countertop Composter #earthday

  1. What a great little composter. I have been throwing away a lot of the things on the list above when I could be using them for our garden.

  2. I’m dying to start composting, this would really help me! It’s small and not so overwhelming that I abandon it. Thanks for the great review!

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