Start STEM Early with Brain Train and Smart Farmer

Smart Games Smart Farmer and Brain Train Review

Finding the perfect toy for the little one on your list this year sometimes can be overwhelming. There are a ton of toys that they will play with once and then quickly forget about, plushes get added to a pile and you want to make sure their gifts are age appropriate.

Toddlers and preschooler aged kids are often the hardest to shop for. It’s this balance between babies who put everything in their mouth and toys that are a bit too old for them. But our friends at Smart Games have come out with some great learning games for the smallest family members that they’re going to love playing with after they unwrap them.

Smart Farmer is a puzzle game for preschool aged. It comes with white picket fences, animals and feeding troughs as well as different puzzles for your kids to figure out. It’s not as easy as just putting the animals down, the different puzzles get harder to figure out and how to fit everything together.

Smart Games Smart Farmer and Brain Train Review

With four levels of puzzles your children can grow and challenge themselves with the game as they go through the booklet. Finding out how much they do as they grow and play and continuing to get better as they keep playing.

Smart Games Smart Farmer and Brain Train Review

If Smart Farmer is just a little too old for your little one, be sure to check out Brain Train – the perfect game for Toddlers. A fun train set that has puzzles of it’s own! Not only does it have matching shapes and colors, but the pieces are large enough for small hands to grab and hold onto. Besides a fun toy, it also comes with a fun puzzle book for younger learners.

Toys don’t have to be the latest in technology, but can actually be something that they can play and learn with. Both of the games from Smart Games are not only fun but ones that teach kids critical thinking skills and puzzle solving long before they ever step into a classroom.

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