Staples Back to School LIVE with OK! TV – #110Ready

staple back to school live

Are you ready to send the kids back to school? I mean, I know we’re all excited to see them hop on that bus and go to school each year. But have you thought about all of the supplies you need to pick up? Staples invited us to sit down and hear about their new 110% money back guarantee, when they sat down with OK TV in New York to film a new episode!

staple back to school liveOK! TV’s host Jamie Alexander sat down with Leeza Gibbons and Jaime Primak Sullivan of Cawfee Tawk, to chat about the newest items Staples has this year including back to school items designed by kids, and new eco friendly options. But they also shared their own advice for back to school, and how to make things easier with your own kids. “Don’t sing in the car” Leeza told us, apparently your kids don’t always appreciate it. The interviews were peppered with sage advice as both mother’s of three told us their best organization tips and what you can do to make a smooth transition back to school. The episode that was taped is airing now on OK! TV, and you can hear the great back to school advice.

staple back to school liveSo are you ready to get those kids back to school and have the latest and greatest items for their school year? This year, you can find the best options and lowest price at your local Staples. And since they know that sometimes the supplies in the classroom come out of the pocket of the teachers, Staples partnered with to give back $10M to classrooms. Every attendee was given a $25 gift card to give to the teacher of their choice, so they can help offset their classroom costs. This year, they’re making sure that kids have the supplies they need at a lower price, and in the classroom as well.


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