Standout Tips for a Memorable Visit to New York

Standout Tips for a Memorable Visit to New York

All cities can be exciting to visit, but let’s be honest: some cities are a little more special than others. That’s certainly the case with New York, a city that can rightly claim to be the greatest on the planet. It’s long been one of the world’s most-visited destinations, and that’s thanks to the sheer number of activities it offers. New York offers everything and then some more. While you’ll have a great time in the Big Apple regardless of what you do, if you’re looking to make your trip extra special, then you’ll have more than an opportunity to do so. In this post, we’ll run through some tips for a memorable trip to the city. 

Stay In a Top-Tier Hotel

You can see why some people think of the hotel as an afterthought when they’re visiting New York. After all, they’re spending most of their time outside, exploring all that the city has to offer. But there are some hotels that add to the overall experience of a trip. Stay in an iconic New York hotel, and you’ll feel connected to the history and magic of the city. The best of the best is probably The Plaza Hotel, which has a long and celebrated history that includes many of the most famous names of the 20th century. Plus, it has an enviable location right next to Central Park. 

Attend a Sports Event in Style

New York can claim to be the greatest sports city on the planet. It’s worthwhile planning a trip to see one of the city’s celebrated teams, such as the Yankees or the New York Giants. If you’re only in town very occasionally, then go above and beyond to have a top-tier sporting experience. There are car service locations in NJ and NY that can take you to MetLife Stadium or Yankee Stadium in style, and it’s also worthwhile paying a little extra to ensure you have the best seats in the house. Beyond that, it’s all about hoping that the team wins. 

See Who’s In Town 

Not a sports fan? Then see which musical artists are in town during your trip. All of the world’s leading artists play New York, so regardless of the type of music you like, they’ll likely be a show you can go to, especially if you’re visiting during a weekend. There are also plenty of outstanding Broadway shows you can attend. Begin the evening with a world-class meal and top it off with cocktails on the town, and you’ll have had a quality evening of the kind that only New York can deliver. 

Hit the Stores

New York has the greatest shopping on the planet, so it’s always worthwhile allocating a little more to the travel fund. There are boutique stores, second-hand stores, and all the major chains in Manhattan alone, so allocate half a day or so to see what’s available. You might just return home with a whole new wardrobe — the perfect souvenir from an awesome trip! 



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