Stackins Review

Stackins Adorable Gift Alternatives

Stackins Review

There are a lot of fun alternatives to a candy filled Easter basket this year, including healthy options as well as books. But let’s face it, kids still love their toys! But each holiday doesn’t need to make your home look like the toy store exploded and left wrapping paper shrapnel spread around the floor. You can still get them a great gift for Easter, or any other holiday without breaking the bank and having to open up a new aisle in the toy store that is their room.

Stackins ReviewThis year there is a new set of adorable toys on the market that are small, adorable and wont break your budget. Meet Stackins! They’re small plush animals that actually stack on top of each other with ease. Stackins currently come in a 3 1/2 inch side plush size, but they have larger sizes in the works. We were sent the four that are on the market, to check out and play with. Currently there are four different Stackins you can choose from, Bonny the Bunny, Kiki the Fox, Poppy the Puppy and Checkers the Cheetah.

The small Stackins are only a few inches big, and are made of soft plush and have a little bit of weighted beads in the back end. This gives each of the Stackins the stability to stand up on their own, and stack on top of each other with ease. I did find that our Stackins did best in a sets of three, and four seemed to make the group topple over. But they could easily be in a group and stack and stay that way for a good period of time.

Stackins ReviewThe size and price of Stackins make them a great present alternative to larger toys or even candy. Each of the Stackins is only about $7 at your local Justice store or on the Justice website, and right now they’re half off! Each one is adorable, soft and will quickly be your child’s new favorite toy! While they’re sold at a store mostly targeting Tweens, I could see little kids and even adults loving these little guys!

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