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Spring has Sprung – Tips for planning your garden! 

tips for planning your garden
It’s finally here! Despite what the calendar said – it has been been unseasonably cold even for Michigan. Most of us have been thinking back to last year, where it was already 80 degrees in March. Instead it’s been 30 and below. But this weekend, the blue skies are shining, buds can be seen on trees and even my tulips are sprouting. That of course means it’s time to start the garden!

We had a “mild” winter, or that’s why they tell us. So that means the ground is not frozen. We are past the last frost date (or the predicted one). But the weather is still a bit too cold to plant your seeds and get your garden started.

That of course, does not mean you shouldn’t start planning your garden. Here are some things to think of when you’re working on your garden planning.

  1. Choose the plants that will be in your garden this year. Are you doing just flowers or did you want vegetables as well?
  2. Know what growing zone you’re in – this will help decide what you can grown and when you can plant it. That being said, you CAN grow plants from different regions just make sure they will get the sun and heat they need. You can find out your Growing Zone for the US by Zip code here.
  3. Start your Seeds! If you’re lucky and have an Aerogarden you can get a garden starter kit where you can start 66 plants started. You plant a few seeds in each so you may need to separate them out. You can also do this a couple times over the start of the season, once they take off switch to new seeds to have a full garden started. If you don’t have an Aerogarden you can still get an early start, you can use germination heat mats, or table top greenhouse kits (available at many hardware stores).
  4. Plan what type of garden layout you want. There are a lot of different types from vertical gardens, canister gardens or hay bale gardens. Once we’re able to plant outside here I’ll post a bit about a couple of those methods.
  5. Keep track of your plants. This is the part that has always overwhelmed me. Some vegetables are suppose to be harvested at 90 days, others at 120 days. If they’re all planted at the same time you can map them out on your calendar, but don’t miss them! This year you can actually use an app on your computer that will help you track everything you plant!  Sprout it is an app that Miracle Grow put out this year, and I have to tell you it’s a fantastic tool! It not only tells you when to plant your garden, it tells you what can be started early, what should be started outside. It tells you when to harvest and all of that info on your seed packs that you will most likely forget. It’s a nice reminder system for all of your planting needs!

I’m excited about the spring, and my garden this year. I’m happy to see the tulips and daffodils starting to peak up out of the soil and the crocuses sprouting as well. But I’m more excited about the amount of vegetables we’re going to have fresh this year, and for a fraction of the cost! I have a feeling I’m going to be a canning fool this season! 🙂

Plan early, plant your seeds and enjoy a wonderful bounty this summer!

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