Spooky Juice Boxes – DIY

DIY Ghost Juice Boxes
Spooky Juice Boxes DIY
As we count our way down to Christmas we can’t miss some of the other holidays on the way! One of my favorites of course is Halloween. Yes, it’s mostly for kids but even as adults we still have a lot of fun. This year we’re throwing Goonie a Halloween party for him and a few of his friends. It’s still a couple weeks away, but I’m getting a head start on goodies for the kids! They could be Mummy’s or Ghosts (just add a mouth), but they’re super easy – and your little goblin or ghoul will love them!

Spooky Juice Boxes DIY

Here’s everything you need to make your spooky juice boxes:

  • Googly eyes (I chose sticky backed)
  • Paper Tape (check your first aid area- 2 rolls are around $2)
  • A package of juice boxes
  • Printer paper – cut in half

Spooky Juice Boxes DIY

Step 1: Remove the straw from the back of the box. Do this carefully so you can reattach it later.

Step 2: Wrap the juice box tightly with the paper and secure it with a piece of your paper tape. Try to line up one edge with the top of the juice box.

Spooky Juice Boxes DIY

Step 3: Take your extra paper on the bottom and fold it in like you would a present. Pull it tight and secure it with another piece of tape.

Spooky Juice Boxes DIY

Step 4: Start at the bottom of the box and start wrapping it with the paper tape. Overlap each layer a little bit.

Step 5: Apply your Googly eyes and run 1 more piece of tape over top. Fold over any extra tape on the top.

Step 6: Put the straw on the back of your juice box and tape it on.

Step 7: *Optional* Take a marker and draw on a scary mouth for your ghost!

I left the tops of the juice boxes uncovered. This way the parents can see the flavor and brand for their little ones. It also makes it easier to get the straw in!

It only takes a few minutes to wrap an 8 pack of juice boxes! It wont be long until your counter is filled with these spooky friends and they will be great for parties or your kids lunch box!

Spooky Juice Boxes DIY

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