Spoil Your Pup this Year with a Perfect Pooch Gift Pack

Perfect Pooch Gift Pack Review

Perfect Pooch Gift Pack Review
What are you getting your best friend for the holidays? Some of their favorite treats or a toy that you know they’ll probably destroy before it even makes it out of the wrapping paper? This year, we’re making sure that our favorite dogs are getting their own Perfect Pooch gift package – that not only has some delicious treats inside, but a good variety to last a while!

Perfect Pooch Gift Pack ReviewExclusively Pet sent us one of their Perfect Pooch gift packages and we found 4 different bags of treats inside. Inside the Perfect Pooch Gift Pack are Vanilla Flavor Wafer Cookies, Best Buddy Bones (Cheese Flavored) Best Buddy Bits (Peanut Butter Flavor) and Carob and Vanilla Flavor Sandwich Cremes. All have been made just for your dogs and with natural ingredients that are dog safe and friendly for their bellies.

Now, I will warn that these dig treats look an awful lot like regular cookies, so be sure you check the bag before you bite into some yourself. Your dogs will love their holiday gift pack, and you will the fact that the treats are made in the USA, use all natural ingredients and are even Kosher.

You can find the Perfect Pooch Gift Pack online and get it in time for the holiday season. A second warning – the treats smelled so good that our cats tried to get them before we could even get them in the house!

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