Spirited Away now on Blu-Ray

spirited away review

spirited away reviewI absolutely love when I get something unexpected to review. Not that I didn’t expect to get a copy of the new Disney release for Studio Ghibli – Spirited Away. But what I didn’t expect was the beautiful story with vibrant animation.

Like their other Studio Ghibli release The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Spirited Away is a new story to the Western World. It is a fantasy based around a girl names Chihiro who is trapped in the spirit world. She travels through the world to find her parents who are trapped there. Chihiro makes her way through a bright and vibrant, mysterious world trying to find her family and bring them back to the world of the living.

We loved watching Spirited Away, for it’s graphics as well as the story. It’s a break from the traditional stories we are use to and the vibrant colors will make it a story you’ll want to watch over and over again. Spirited Away has a total run time of 125 minutes, and is available on a two disc blu-ray set.


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