spirit riding free toys

Spirit Riding Free Season 3 Rides onto Netflix with Great New Toys for the Horse Lovers on Your List

spirit riding free toys

When DreamWorks Animation first launched their series Spirit Riding Free, I knew it was a show my sister and I would have been glued to as kids. It’s the story of Spirit and Lucky and how their friendship as horse and rider shape their lives. My sister has always loved horses and still collects Breyer horses, so we were excited to see some of the brand new items released for Spirit Riding Free.

spirit riding free toysDreamWorks Animations sent us a box with some amazing new toys in it to check out for the season. Inside we found a Spirit and Lucky Horse and Doll Gift Set, Breyer Spirit Riding Free – Deluxe Spirit and Friends Horse Painting Craft Kit,  and a Breyer Spirit Riding Free – Spirit Traditional Horse Model. All of the toys are perfect for horse lovers, collectors and of course fans of the show. You can get our heroes as well as some of the PALs in different figurines, toys and even collectible figures now – and you’re going to want the whole collection – we do now!

With Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free returning we know we’ll be heading off on new adventures and meet new friends. We love the series and the empowering messages that it has regarding friendship, finding your own voice and helping others out. The third season has a new setting, and a new problem our heroes have to overcome to start. You can Check out a couple clips from Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free below and read more about the new series below. Be sure to tune into the show on Netflix now!

“The Auction”

“Meet the Herd”

About Spirit Riding Free Season 3:

Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free begins with Spirit and Lucky desperately trying to find one another and finally reunited in Miradero. Once together, the PALs and their horses set out on all-new thrilling adventures – racing to stop an oncoming train, helping a horse deliver her foal, trying to stay one step ahead of pesky Snips and cousin Julian or embarking on daring rescue missions. Amidst all the excitement, we will see the PALs exploring environs beyond Miradero, making wonderful new friends and meeting some new horses from Spirit’s herd. Join the PALs for an action-packed journey that above all celebrates the unbreakable bond between Lucky and Spirit.
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