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vrum suitcase review

Spiderman VRUM Review
Kids love super heros, I don’t even think it’s a gender thing either. I know just as many little girls who love Super Man and Spiderman. Goonie, of course is no exception to this rule. His eyes lit up when I brought out the VRUM that Wicked Cool Toys sent him to review – it was one of his favorite super heroes on a toy he knew he was going to love.

Spiderman VRUM Review

So what exactly is a VRUM and why was Goonie so excited? They are a toy box, a suit case, a riding toy and even a toy in itself. Besides being branded with some of your child’s favorite Marvel Superheroes, they are also available in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, and several other great characters. They are a fun toy for your little ones, durable and can even hold up to them riding on top of it, or being pulled.

By itself the VRUM is only four pounds, that’s not that heavy considering what it can handle. But the molded plastic can support the weight of a five year old who is 30-some-odd pounds heavy without even flinching.

Spiderman VRUM Review

Before we could even get to playing with the VRUM, Goonie had to get on top and show us how it worked. We didn’t have to explain to him what a VRUM was for, or what he had to do. “I love these things” he said and jumped right on. He scooted around the living room and into the kitchen. He didn’t even let us put toys in the box, it was just fun to ride on and ride around.

Goonie actually used the strap as a make shift seat belt, which isn’t the purpose of the strap. Instead the strap is there to carry it around as a suit case, or to hook up to your bag and pull behind your suit case. It even has a handle so you can pull someone around on it. I think they thought of every possible way you can use it and made sure it was there!

Spiderman VRUM Review

Unlike other suitcases that are similar to the VRUM, but there were a couple new options. To open your VRUM you undo two large toggles, that make it easy for little hands to do. They will actually unlatch a front and back panel to the suitcase. This provides an extra layer of plastic locking their precious toys inside. It gives the VRUM the added bonus of looking like it has wings when it’s open too! This is a lot of fun in a the eyes of a five year old. These toggles can be undone while on top, but the VRUM did not open while Goonie was riding it due to the extra layer of plastic making it harder to undo both while on top.

Spiderman VRUM Review

On the inside of the VRUM, you have a lot of storage space. Just think of all the toy cars you can load in there. While the VRUM is a lot of fun to ride on, it’s also quite functional. It can be a full suitcase for trips, or a toy bin in their play space when it’s not in use. There isn’t any organization inside, but that’s because kids toys don’t have a standard size. They get to organize it (or not) however they choose.

Spiderman VRUM Review

The small size of the VRUM makes it small enough to fit in overhead bins on planes, and will fit enough clothes or toys for at least a few days. And if they get tired in the airport? Just connect the strap to your suit case and pull them behind you.

There is so much the VRUM can do, and we love that it’s not only functional, but also fun. Goonie will be scooting around the house on his VRUM for a long time, and eventually we’ll even get him to put some of his toys away in it!

You can find the VRUM online for sale on Amazon or Toys R Us.

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