Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Swings Home with a Great Prize Package!

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Prize Pack Giveaway

It was a movie that knocked it out of the park, and really fans and true believers knew that was coming. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought the comics to the big screen. With stunning art work and characters we can relate to, Spider-Verse opens up the fandom to more people and took home awards to prove it.

Since the movie has so many different characters and different personalities, we were thrilled with Sony sent us an at home activity kit for the movie. Not only did we have a copy of Spider-Verse to watch, but a mini-figure of Spider Gwen, a great hat and some fantastic shirts to decorate and wear. The kit includes everything you need to create your own version of Spider-Man or re-create your favorite character. (And you can enter to win one of these sets if you keep reading too!)

With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse coming home on Digital and DVD and Blu-Ray, Sony has partnered with us for this great giveaway! Enjoy the movie, make your own shirts and start your own Spider-Man mini-fig collection! Read more about the movie and check out how to enter below!

Awards and Nominations:

  • Academy Award® Nominee for Best Animated Feature Film
  • Golden Globe® Winner for Best Animated Feature Film
  • Critics’ Choice® Winner for Best Animated Feature Film
  • Winner of Seven Annie® Awards Including Best Animated Feature


The Academy Award® Nominee for Best Animated Feature Film, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, swings onto Digital February 26 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, and DVD on March 19 from Sony Pictures HomeEntertainment and Sony Pictures Animation. From Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the uniquely creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, the film offers a fresh vision of the Spider-Man universe with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind.

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, a film that has grossed over $350 million in theaters worldwide to date, introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the iconic mask. “One of the most rewarding experiences in recent months has been to hear that children are telling their parents that they see themselves in Miles, or that they want to grow up to be like Spider-Gwen, anyone can be a hero. Thats why we made this film, and we hope that feeling of empowerment is something that both audiences young and old can take away,” say Directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman.

The out-of-this-world voice cast includes Shameik Moore as Miles Morales alongside Jake Johnson (“New Girl”) as Peter B. Parker, Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee) as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Mahershala Ali (Green Book) as Miles’ Uncle Aaron, Brian Tyree Henry (“Atlanta”) as Jefferson Davis, Lily Tomlin (“Grace and Frankie”) as Aunt May, Luna Lauren Velez (“How To Get Away with Murder”) as Rio Morales, Zoë Kravitz (“Big Little Lies”) as Mary Jane, John Mulaney (“Big Mouth”) as Spider-Ham, with Nicholas Cage (The Croods) as Spider-Man Noir, Kathryn Hahn (Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation) as Doc Ock and Liev Schreiber (“Ray Donovan”) as the villain Kingpin.

Spiderman Noir Concept Art

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE arrives filled with engaging bonus materials that are fun for the whole family and give fans even more of the unique comic book style action that they loved in theaters with over 90 minutes of bonus content. In his very own original short,  Spider-Ham: Caught In a Ham, fan favorite Spider-Ham defeats his greatest foe, delivers sidesplitting puns, and get sucked into another dimension! It actuallycan get weirder! Don’t miss the thrilling Alternate Universe Mode where fans can view the film in an entirely new way to discover alternate scenes, plotlines, characters, and more with the filmmakers as their guide. Also included is The Spider-Verse Super-Fan Easter Egg Challenge, where fans are challenged to find every single Easter Egg hidden within the Spider-Verse (and there are a lot of them!).  Explore the character design in the visually stunning film including specific looks at the now-iconic Spider-Ham character as well as the classic villains who inhabit the Spider-Verse. Additional special features include a celebration of the diversity in the film and the idea that anyone can wear the maskin a feature called We Are Spider-Man, a featurette called Spider-Verse: A New Dimension, where fans can hear from the artists and filmmakers who pushed the boundaries of the comic book artform to create a visual experience unlike anything done in animation before, a showcase of all the amazing fan favorite characters featured in the Spider-Verse and the actors who bring them to life, and  a touching tribute to comic legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who originally created the Spider-Man character. Other bonus materials include two lyric videos featuring “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee and “Familia” by Nicki Minaj and Anuel AA (feat. Bantu).

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is directed by Bob Persichetti (The Little Prince), Peter Ramsey (Rise of the Guardians) and Rodney Rothman (22 Jump Street), and screenplay by Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman from a story by Lord. The film is produced by Avi Arad, Amy Pascal, Phil Lord, Chistopher Miller, and Chrstina Steinberg. The executive producers are the late Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis, and Will Allegra.

Spider Pig Concept Art

Bonus Materials Include:

  • We Are Spider-ManExploring and celebrating one of the key themes of the film, We Are Spider-Man takes a deep dive into the diversity of the characters and aspirational core that any person from any gender or cultural background can wear the mask.
  • Spider-Verse: A New DimensionWith a stunning visual style and state of the art animation designed to take the viewer into the pages of a comic,Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is not only a love letter to comic books but a groundbreaking take on the super hero genre. Hear from the artists and filmmakers who pushed the boundaries of the artform as they discuss their journey.
  • The Ultimate Comics Cast: Enjoy this showcase of all of the fan favorite characters featured in the Spider-Verse and the spectacular cast who were chosen to bring them to life.
  • A Tribute to Stan Lee & Steve Ditko: Celebrate the amazing legacy and powerful spirit of the creators of Spider-Man.
  • The Spider-Verse Super-Fan Easter Egg Challenge: The Spider-Verse is loaded with Easter Eggs, from cameos to comics references. Fans are challenged to find them all!
  • Designing Cinematic Comics Characters: A breakdown of all aspects of the character design including costume, movement in animation, and distinct powers for each character.
    • Heroes & Hams: Meet the amazing Spider-people of the Spider-Verse. 
    • Scorpions and Scoundrels: Explore the classic villains whowreak havoc on the Spider-Verse.
  • Alternate Universe Mode: In this all-new viewing experience, discover alternate scenes, plotlines, characters, and more with the filmmakers as your guide.
  • 2 Lyric Videos
    • “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee
    • “Familia”  by Nicki Minaj & Anuel AA (feat. Bantu)
  • All-New Original Short “Spider-Ham: Caught In a Ham” It’s another normal day for Peter Porker, a.k.a. the Spectacular Spider-Ham, fighting bad guys and loving hot dogs, until a mysterious portal starts messing with the very fabric of his cartoon reality.
Spider-Verse Concept Art

4K Ultra HD Disc Includes:

  • Feature film presented with High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos sound
  • Also includes the film and special features on the included high-def Blu-ray

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE has a run time of approximately 117 minutes and is rated PG for frenetic sequences of animated action violence, thematic elements, and mild language.

What can you win?!

One of our readers is going to win a prize package including:

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Blu-ray
  • Miles Morales Baseball t-shirts
  • 1 box of fabric markers to decorate the T-shirts
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Cinch Sack
  • branded Figurines
  • sticker sheet
  • themed wristband

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. Tell us which Spider-Verse character is your favorite? Or What super power would you have if you could choose! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


  1. I love Spider-Pig. I grew up reading his parody comics. Peter Porker and his ilk were very funny. My super power would be to be able to control and manipulate time, but limited to within my own time line, so no time travel out side the confines of my lifespan.

  2. My favorite was Peter Parker! I think i’d like to be able to fly! That could be my super power! ? Loved this film!! Sooooo goooood!!!

  3. I can’t wait to see this movie! If I could have a spider super power, it would be able to climb walls and jump over buildings. I would also love to catch bad guys.

  4. My favorite character is Spider-Ham (Peter Porker). If I could have one super power it would be invisibility or the ability to control time and dimensions like Dr. Strange.

  5. Spider Pig looks cute and awesome! We were just invited to a birthday party for a little boy who is such a Spider Man fan. I may have to share this prize pack with him if we win.

  6. I guess it would be able to withstand heat, breathe under water, and not be impacted by radiation, maybe that would help me out over the next 30 years.

  7. i would want to be able to refresh with like 5 minutes of sleep, like step into a booth or something and WHAM! ready to go again!


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