Spice Up Your Dishes with Just Mayo

just mayo review

just mayo reviewWe all have our go to recipes and ingredients – but just one little change in ingredient can amp it up a lot and change the complete flavor profile. Hampton Creek is give an easy way to change your recipes, meals and even sandwiches with one quick change – Just Mayo. It’s filled with whole ingredients, has lower cholesterol and making a change in your recipes is easy.

Hampton Creek sent us a selection of Just Mayo products to try including the Chipotle, Garlic, Sriracha and original mayo flavors. The bottles are small, but it means they don’t take up a lot of space in the fridge door. With whole ingredients, you should always keep them chilled. Because they use whole ingredients, they are naturally gluten free.

In our house, we loved using the Just Mayo on our sandwiches, and since they have a squeeze bottle top they could be used on regular sandwiches as well as gluten free without the fear of cross contamination. I’m use to having other brands of mayo in the fridge that is huge and bulky – plus the ingredient list sounds a bit more like a science list. The first thing I noticed about Just Mayo was a fresh and clear taste – it’s the next best thing to making it at home!

You can find Just Mayo at select retailers (find where it’s located near you). Amp up your sandwich, change up the dip at your next party or shake up your salad – just add Just Mayo.


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