Special Edition Peanuts Backpacks now Available from Hanna Andersson

Hanna andersson peanuts backpack review

Hanna andersson peanuts backpack reviewIt’s no surprise by now that we’re big Peanuts fans in our house. And I have to admit, that I let out a child like squeal when I saw the special edition Peanuts backpacks from Hanna Andersson. The bags come in two designs Charlie Brown and Friends, which features the whole Peanuts Gang, or Snoopy and Woodstock. Both bag designs use fun pop colors, sturdy construction and of course – our favorite characters.

Hanna andersson peanuts backpack reviewHanna Andersson sent me one of the Charlie Brown and Friends backpacks to review. I instantly fell in love with it! Besides being covered in our beloved Peanuts characters, the bag also is highlighted in bright red with special Snoopy zipper pulls. Each zipper is a double pull zipper, and has been tested for the abuse that a child is going to put on it.

Hanna andersson peanuts backpack reviewInside you’ll find pockets, organizers and even a place to put your child’s name. For me, this is a major bonus, since it’s a lot safer than having their name stitched on the outside for everyone to see. The interior pockets make it easy to slide in folders, tablets, small laptops, pens and more. The small loop inside is even a perfect place to attach their house keys so they wont ever lose them! It’s hard to believe that with all this space inside that anyone can become unorganized, but it wont take long for kids to prove that wrong!

All of the Peanuts backpacks by Hanna Andersson are of sturdy¬†600 denier polyester, and are PVC free. They’re easy to wash, and most of all adorable. And while the backpack has two bungeed drink compartments, probably my favorite feature is the bag is completely reflective. You wont need to add on additional reflective strips or items to the bag, it’s a great safety feature, added into this beautiful bag. If you’re huge Peanuts fans like we are, this bag will be a great addition to your collection – plus the fact it’s extremely useful helps too!

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