SpacePop Princess Power Uses the Power of Music and Friendship to Fight Evil

spacepop princess power review

spacepop princess power review

The powers of Music and Friendship unite in SpacePop Princess Power. Using music, the Spacepop Princesses band together and to fight evil and save the universe. This fun new series from Genius Brands International and Sony Pictures is full of music your kids will love as they’re tapping their toes and singing along.

We were sent a copy of Spacepop Princess Power to review, and the full length feature is full of girl power, friendship and music. The team of musical sisters team together to not only spread friendship, but save their family and their universe. The people of Pentangle need saved and only the sisters can do the job. The show not only has some amazing songs for kids, but doesn’t fall into the regular princess trap. The sisters don’t need to be saved, but instead work together to achieve great things. It’s a nice change from the regular princess model that we’re so use to, and even as an adult the songs aren’t too bad as well!

About Spacepop Princess Power:

When the evil Empress Geela takes over the Planets of the Pentangle, five teenage princesses escape and disguise themselves as musicians to form a band called SpacePOP. Their mission: Spread the message of freedom, friendship and joy through music. Join the princesses on their adventures as they join the resistance to take down the evil Empress Geela, free their parents, and the people of the Pentangle all while spreading the joy of music, beauty, and fashion.

Special Features:

  • UnstoppableĀ – Extended Music Video
  • By My Side – Extended Music Video
  • Find you – Extended Music Video
  • SpacePOP Princess Power – Teaser Trailer

SpacePop Princess Power has a total run time of 72 minutes and is available on DVD today!


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