Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying…

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Life – is well, a comedy of errors. You think you’re getting ahead and then it smacks you in the face again.

Today – I laughed in my Doctor’s face. I laughed all the way out of his office. I’m not questioning his diagnosis, but due to their new computer system it’s quite hilarious (at least to me).

The past few weeks, every time I’ve felt like I’m getting ahead – something jumps in front of me and yells “THINK AGAIN”. Example one – I bit my nail and broke my tooth. If that wasn’t a basic enough lesson on why you shouldn’t bite your nails – the $200 dental bill definitely was.

Bills have been tight, but finally checks have started to come in from clients. I’ve been waiting for one for a while now and it’s supposedly en route. But while I wait for that magical check – more things seem to hop out in front of me.

The other day my cats were nagging me for more food. Now, they always have food – but the fact that they could see the silver at the bottom of the bowl was enough for them to pester me. I bent over to pour their food into the dish and my glasses slid off. No, the thick framed glasses didn’t bounce like they have in the past. Instead they snapped in half.

I checked the bank account to find just enough to get an eye exam and lenses for a pair of free frames I ordered last year.  I’m thankful I have enough contacts to be able to function and work, and had the funds to cover it.. but it happens. That’s life. I did find out at the eye appointment yesterday that despite my 16+ hours a day logged on the computer that each eye has gotten better one full point. So there’s that silver lining!

But over the last few days I’ve started to feel worn down. I’ve been coughing, my chest hurts and throat hurts. So when I woke up with my voice so hoarse I could be mistaken for a guy, I broke down and called my doctor.

I need to preface this part of the story with, my doctor is a great doctor. He even works with me and gives me discounts because i’m uninsured. He knows that when I finally break down and see him, I’m sick. Besides my once a year check up – I only go in when I need to.

He checked me over and logged in the symptoms. Filling out the diagnosis on his form I saw he wrote “Tonsillitis” I started laughing.

“Ummm, can you please explain to me how I have Tonsillitis – since I don’t have tonsils!?” They were removed when I was 17 – with the promise that I would get sick less (yah right).

Apparently, my allergies have aggravated the are in my throat where my tonsils were. And the computer lumps that in with Tonsillitis even though they aren’t there anymore.

I left the office laughing. It is the best medicine! That with my Z-pack I’ll be in tip top blogging shape in no time.

Smile, things might be tight but they will work out. Don’t waste tears on things you can’t change – and remember to laugh. It might be the best thing for you.


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