Solar Shields Review

Solar Shields – Slide Over Sunglasses with Style

Solar Shields ReviewWhen I’m driving, working in the yard or just going out of the house – I like to make sure my eyes are protected. Since I’ve got several different pairs of glasses I switch between, depending on my outfit and mood, I need sunglasses that can be flexible with me. In the past year, I’ve become a fan of slide over sun glasses that work with the prescription frames I already have – and different sizes mean I can wear my different glasses.

Solar Shields ReviewBut not all slide over glasses are the same, and some are just as expensive as getting prescription lenses. So when we found Solar Shield fit over sun glasses we knew they were perfect. Not only did they have a lot of styles (and cute ones!) to choose from but they were affordable. Solar Shield sent me a pair of their Adele sunglasses to fit over my smaller frames. The glasses cover my glasses completely, there aren’t any weird lines and the arms even cover the sides of my frames.

The Adele sunglasses have scratch resistant lenses – which is great since I’m always tossing them in my purse when I’m running in and out of places. And the lenses have¬†100% UVA/UVB protection and polarized lenses to reduce glare. It’s amazing how quickly you adjust to having the sunglasses over your glasses and they’re not too bulky when you’re wearing them. The only negative thing I have to say is the polarization sometimes makes it hard to see what is happening on your cell phone screen, but that – I’m guessing – isn’t related to brand but the polarization in general.

Solar Shield fit over glasses start as low as $15 and work with the frames you already have. For me, having a few on hand to mix and match with my glasses is great and it’s a lot cheaper than getting prescription lenses or more expensive bulky slide overs I’ll probably lose anyhow.

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