Solar Drops Bring Color and Light to Your Garden

allsop garden solar drop review

allsop garden solar drop reviewOne of my favorite things about our new house is we can finally have the gardens I’ve always wanted. From the flower gardens, succulents and even the veggie garden. We finally have a yard we can sit out and enjoy and now that the plants are mostly figured out and settled, it’s time to add some more artistic and personal elements.

allsop garden solar drop reviewAllsop Home Garden sent me some of the first pieces for our yard – two of their Solar Drops to add color and light to our space. Each of the Allsop solar drops are hand blow and individually done, so each design may vary. But with the addition of the Yellow and Blue, and Forrest Solar Drops we added a touch of color to our trees out back.

allsop garden solar drop reviewThe Solar Drops are around 4 inches each, so they are not huge. But since each solar drop is made from glass, they are a bit heavy. They come with cord to hang them. Using the cord provided, I tied the strings around a sturdy branch in each pear tree. Because the solar drops are glass, I wanted to make sure they would stay put, so I made sure the branches selected had another branch that would hold it string up in case they started to slide. So far, they’ve made it through a few storms and they haven’t moved at all.

allsop garden solar drop reviewBesides being beautifully hand crafted, the most impressive part of the Solar Drops is the light they give at night. On the bottom of each solar drop is a soft button you can switch on and off. The solar drops collect and save the sun’s light all day, and with the flip of the switch you are given a beautiful glow of light through the art glass. The different colors of blown glass are cast around the yard as the light glows. I can only imagine how beautiful a larger grouping of the Solar Drops would be in a larger area. I can definitely see several more being added to our yard display as we complete our yard and garden spaces.


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